We have in-depth expertise and expe­rience from doing studies on fuels, energy, trans­por­tation, chemicals, procu­rement and policy issues.

Climate Report

We have leading expertise within the area of climate analysis and calcu­la­tions. Our colleague Göran Erselius parti­ci­pated in the deve­lopment of the Green­house Gas Protocol, the most widely used and accepted standard for calcu­lation and reporting green­house gas emis­sions, and we constantly keep up to date on the changes to the protocol. We can assist with inter­pre­tation of the standard, and sugges­tions on how reports can be produced and designed, as well as executing the calcu­la­tions.


We can provide support in the prepa­ration of the climate account by iden­ti­fying the major sources of emis­sions and set up data stra­tegies to be able to calculate the emis­sions effi­ci­ently. We can also assist in the prepa­ration of speci­fi­ca­tions as well as the procu­rement of any IT support, such as data collection tools. We can also tailor combined collection and calcu­lation tools that our clients use in their own work.
We also offer veri­fi­cation and suggest impro­vement measures for calcu­la­tions that have already been done.

Other climate calculations

We offer life cycle calculations and analysis for individual products and services. This is done based on applicable standards and product category rules.

2050 can provide support and prepare docu­men­tation for the mana­gement team to evaluate stra­tegies and roadmaps. We can also tailor tools from which mana­gement teams can evaluate a variety of scenarios and measures. Esti­mates of emission reduc­tions can be combines with economic calcu­la­tions to find the most cost-effi­cient solu­tions.

Environmental and sustainability reporting


Environmental and sustainability issues have become more and more integrated into businesses and is increasingly seen as a matter of survival. 2050 offer support or complete implementation of the entire process of sustainability reporting. This includes, but is not limited to, materiality analysis, stakeholder analysis and dialogue, calculations and reporting.

We can help inter­preting the stan­dards, such as GRI G4, and suggest how the full process should be carried out. This entails data collection stra­tegies and IT-tool support to mention a few.

Supporting tools

The use of tools supporting the environmental and sustainability processes are becoming more common, and they can facilitate data collection, delegation of responsibility, ensure repeatability of processes and provide operational support to these areas.

This applies to data collection tools, life cycle analysis tools, or other calcu­lation support, as well as custo­mi­zation of current systems, or tailored models. 2050 can provide support in the selection, procu­rement and imple­men­tation of all these types of tools. We can also help you with your long term IT-strategy to ensure your needs for systems support is covered in the short and the long term.

Reporting to external initiatives

We can support and implement company or organization reporting to external initiatives, such as CDP, Swedish District Heating Association, Green Building or Global Compact among others.

Reports and studies

 In order to work strategically, an overview of the stakeholders and the factors which affect the business are essential. This could be anything from existing and forthcoming legislation to customer demand, the shareholder requirements or commodity prices. A report could also help steer developments in a certain direction by presenting arguments, communicated externally or directly to the addressee.


Through contacts with a wide range of stake­holders we can help map the surroundings, and analyze how this affects the orga­ni­zation. The studies could for example pinpoint threats, possi­bi­lities and key success factors with the area of study. We can also produce a number of future scenarios, to be used as a basis for long term deci­sions and stra­tegic work by our clients.
We have in-depth expertise in areas such as fuels, energy, trans­por­tation, public transport, chemicals, procu­rement and policy issues, with a focus on the envi­ron­mental aspects, and we can produce reports tailored to these purposes.


We can conduct surveys to identify new measures and business opportunities, and suggest how these can be pursued.

For example, the surveys could identify measures and business oppor­tu­nities related to circular economy, for a single orga­ni­zation, or a selection of orga­ni­za­tions within a geograp­hical area. This could also include an analysis of the circular business oppor­tu­nities, iden­tified in the survey.

Carbon offsets

Carbon offsets at a reasonable price!

Carbon offsets have already contributed to a reduction of 1,4 billion tons of carbon dioxide, roughly the total emissions from Sweden over 24 years.

In the short term the global prices on carbon offsets have decreases to histo­ri­cally low levels. This has only margi­nally affected the Swedish prices, which have meant that Swedish companies pay a high price for their offsets. The low prices today provides a unique oppor­tunity for more companies to offset a larger share of their emis­sions. 2050 have therefore created a pricing model that gives Swedish companies the oppor­tunity to create the most envi­ron­mental benefit per SEK.


For us at 2050 it is important that the offset projects are certified to ensure bene­ficial effects on the climate, and other factors. We therefore recommend projects certified according to the gold standard and/or CDM-project within rene­wable energy. It is also important to weigh in positive side-effects such as health benefits.

Our role is to provide guidance and maximize the benefit for you and for the climate!

A few examples of current projects:

Biogas in Vietnam. A short film about the project.
Effi­cient stoves in Ghana. A short film about the project.
Effi­cient agricul­tural practices in Kenya. Read more about the project.



We have access to offset projects from most of the world within the inter­na­tio­nally recog­nized stan­dards. We recommend projects certified according to the gold standard and/or CDM-project within rene­wable energy. These have gone through a thorough audit, which assures the benefit for the climate.

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