Environmental policy

2050 is an envi­ronment and climate-driven company. We strive to reach a society where the global tempe­rature rise is halted, and where ulti­mately all the nine planetary chal­lenges or all the 16 envi­ron­mental targets are met.


Our indirect impact is far greater than our direct – we assist our partners in improving their work on climate change and environment and inspire others to follow. But we do not take it as an excuse to skimp on our own work on climate change and environment; we minimize our impacts and offset the remaining emissions by a good margin.

In eight areas we refuse to follow normal business practices, and we constantly strive to chal­lenge ourselves and others to expand the list:

We do not fly. We take the train, use video confe­rences or webinars. The rule can be changed when flights predo­mi­nantly use rene­wable fuels with a guaranteed, low impact on the climate.

We are not fossils. By 2030, the Swedish transport sector is to be inde­pendent of fossil fuels. At 2050, we want to take that step now. We use vehicles that are predo­mi­nantly powered by rene­wable fuels or electricity.

We go vego. Beef, trans­ports and buil­dings needs to reduce their climate impact and that is why our own repre­sen­tation is vege­tarian.

We have no give­aways. There are already too many memory sticks, pens and calendars. 2050 refuses to increase the number of unne­cessary give­aways. Instead, we will collect pens, memory sticks and other things that abound in our business but may be needed elsewhere. All public material that we produce is avai­lable for download on our website.

We do not buy new when it can be avoided. Office furniture, kitchen mate­rials and much more are already in abun­dance in the market. We buy second hand – better for the envi­ronment and more personal!

We have a green policy for the occu­pa­tional pensions. This means that we work with the pension funds that exhibit the best combi­nation of investment policy, range of sustai­nable funds and their own sustai­na­bility efforts. All employees get to choose their own pension port­folio, but with the recom­men­dation of the funds that best combines sustai­na­bility and profi­ta­bility.

Everything counts. To meet the 2050 target no stone can be left unturned. Therefore we make active envi­ron­mental choice where it can make a diffe­rence in a sustai­nable direction. Anyone who do not have a meaningful envi­ron­mental work cannot do business with us.

To ”live as we learn” is not an empty buzzword with us. We are not asking anyone to refrain from eating meat and no one has to sell his or her car to work with us, but we ask of ourselves that we take constant steps in the right direction.

Get in contact with us at info@2050.se or reach out to one of our coworkers. Their contact information is listed under about 2050.

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