About 2050

Good business on a planet in balance. We help our clients towards sustai­na­bility and increased profi­ta­bility through analysis, commu­ni­cation and business deve­lopment. We work in the inter­section of policy, research and business.

At 2050 we have vast experience in environmental and sustainability work; how to create business opportunities; how to show management the possibilities in the green economy; how networks are created and managed; how footprints are calculated; how emissions targets are formulated and met; how offset is best designed and how issues are communicated. We are convinced that the best choice for the environment is also the best choice for business.

Our driving force

We are eager! 2050 is our outlet to channel our commitment, our expertise and our energy for envi­ron­mental and climate issues. Our slogan is: “Fast forward to a greener future”. Together, we have vast expe­rience on envi­ronment and sustai­na­bility; how to created business oppor­tu­nities; how to show mana­gement the possi­bi­lities within the green eceonomy; how networks are created and managed, how foot­prints are calcu­lated, how emis­sions targets are formu­lated and met, how offsets are best designed and how issues are commu­ni­cated and advocated.

Dang­erous human impact on the climate should be stopped before 2050. We are helping companies, orga­ni­za­tions, autho­rities and indi­vi­duals to become winners in the tran­sition to a sustai­nable deve­lopment. Click here to see the short film that describes the paradigm shift facing mankind.


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Environmental responsibility

2050 is an environment and climate-driven company. We strive to reach a society where the global temperature rise is halted. Here you will find our environmental policy and our own climate report.


We are convinced that it is easier to speed up the tran­sition to sustai­nable deve­lopment when climate and envi­ron­mental issues are discussed exten­sively. When the big ques­tions are ignored by the media, the policies become more short-sighted and myopic.

Therefore, we want to be active in the public debate, and encourage all employees to raise their voice, both as part of 2050 and in other sectors. We are convinced that it will benefit our partners, because if we ourselves are part of the debate, we can be more helpful as advisors.

In the press room you will find what we have written ourselves and what is published about us, as 2050.


Here you will find our articles avai­lable in English. For a full selection of articles, please visit our Swedish page. You can also find us on Mynewsdesk.se.

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You can also find our press releases on Mynewsdesk.se.

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